About The Bishop

William A. Lee, Jr. is presently serving the Kingdom of God as Pastor of Daytona Deliverance Church of God in Daytona Beach, Florida. He is a native of Springfield, Massachusetts. The son of the late William A. Lee, Sr. and Essie C. Lee (both deceased). He is a 1985 graduate of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee with a Bachelors of Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Pastoral Ministry  and has worked toward a Master of Divinity at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, and the Church of God School of Theology in Cleveland, Tennessee.

He has served as a Pastor in Providence, Rhode Island, Baltimore, Maryland and on the island of Bermuda. His Evangelistic ministry has reached throughout the -United Sates, Canada, the West Indies, Europe, South Africa, India, The United Emirates as well as Australia. He has also been a guest several times on Daystar television and a Keynote Speaker at the General Assembly of the Church of God in 1998 held in the Alamo Done in San Antonio, Texas, revivalist at Without Walls International Church in Tampa, Florida and Guest speaker at University Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Through life experiences God has birthed in Rev. Lee a message of healing that has been described as both therapeutic and restorative. Many people have testified of overcoming past pain through Rev. Lee’s ministry.

In 1998 Rev. Lee founded “Lee Ministries International Incorporated”. He has since expanded Lee Ministries to include an International ministry team. The impact of this ministry has extended to the Middle East, Europe West Indies and Canada and South Africa. Countless souls have been saved, healed and, lives transformed through this ministry.

He serves as a mentor and a teacher for many young ministers in the Kingdom of God. His passion is teaching young ministers to deliver the word with clarity and power. Rev. Lee is described by parishioners as a man after God’s own heart, with a heart for the people. 

An avid student of the word, Rev. William A. Lee Jr., is currently pursuing his Masters in Counseling from Church of God School of Theology. A visionary leader and anointed preacher, Rev. Lee still remains a person of the people who possesses a keen sense of humor and a commitment to strong relationship and family ties.

Rev. William A. Lee Jr. is becoming one of the most sought after servants in the Kingdom of God and continues to strive to do the work of an Evangelist. He is married to the former Sheila Renee Mebane of Washington, D.C. and together they are sold out to a life of servant hood. This ministry team has committed themselves to mentoring and coaching young adults and young ministers, which has resulted in the development of many sons and daughters throughout the Kingdom of God, It is the vision of this ministry to continue to evangelize the world for the Lord Jesus Christ and to prepare the next generation to be effective and powerful citizens in the Kingdom.

About The First Lady

Sheila Renee Lee is a native of Washington, DC and has been the marriage and ministry partner of William Lee since May 1994. She has been described as a woman of elegance and excellence.

Whether it be in the area of her profession as a Hair Stylist, Beauty Consultant and Jeweler or in exercising her gifts of ministry in teaching, speaking, or counseling she is known for giving God her all in whatever she does.
Wherever Sister Lee finds herself worshipping God and where God is moving she is always steadfast in working at the altar, praying people through and operating in the gift of encouragement that has ministered to thousands around the world. She attended National Bible College from 1992 to 1993 and is a great extension of the spiritual impartation and fatherhood of Dr. T.L. and Mildred Lowry and the National Church of God.

Sheila Renee Lee has served as a Deaconess at North Cleveland Church of God, Ladies Ministries President of Heritage Worship Centre New Testament Church of God in Hamilton, Bermuda, has lead several women’s prayer groups and has hosted Women’s Conferences featuring such guest as Pastor Paula White of “Without Walls International Church” in Tampa, Florida, Co- Pastor Suzie Owens of “Metropolitan Baptist Church” in Washington, DC, Pastor Rita Twiggs of “The Potters House” in Dallas, Texas and Pastor Karen Bethea of “Set the Captives free Ministries” in Baltimore Maryland.